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Sony Blog-post on Single-photon Imaging

SONY published a blog-post about our work on single-photon imaging as part of Sony’s Faculty Innovation Award...

Single-photon Imaging at ICCV’23 in Paris

U. Toronto presented their award-winning paper on passive high-speed single-photon imaging. It’s a nice shot-in-the-arm for...

Colorful Single-Photon Imaging at SIGGRAPH’23

Single-photon cameras have come a long way from their single-pixel versions till just a few...

Ubicept Closes Successful Seed Round

Proud to announce Ubicept successfully closing a seed round! It is incredibly satisfying to see...

Jongho’s Paper in Nature Communications (2023)

Jongho’s new paper on single-photon processing in Nature Communications. This is a throwback to classical...

ICCP 2023 in Madison

ICCP 2023 program is live! We have an exciting lineup of speakers, complemented by a...

Best PhD Thesis Award to Sizhuo!

Sizhuo’s PhD thesis was awarded as one of two best PhD theses from the Computer...

Quanta Burst Photography at SIGGRAPH 2020

Paper on ultra-low light photography using single-photon cameras at SIGGRAPH 2020. Details here.

Marr Prize Honorable Mention at ICCV 2019

Paper on single-photon 3D imaging receives the Marr Prize (best paper) honorable mention at ICCV...

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