SoDaCam: Software-defined Cameras via Single-Photon Imaging

Reinterpretable cameras are defined by their post-processing capabilities that exceed traditional imaging. We present “SoDaCam” that provides reinterpretable cameras at the granularity of photons, from photon-cubes acquired by single-photon devices. Photon-cubes represent the spatio-temporal detections of photons as a sequence of binary frames, at frame rates as high as 100 kHz. We show that simple transformations of the photon-cube, or photon-cube projections, provide the functionality of numerous imaging systems including: exposure bracketing, flutter shutter cameras, video compressive systems, event cameras, and even cameras that move during exposure. Our photon-cube projections offer the flexibility of being software-defined constructs that are only limited by what is computable, and shot-noise. We exploit this flexibility to provide new capabilities for the emulated cameras. As an added benefit, our projections provide camera-dependent compression of photon-cubes, which we demonstrate using an implementation of our projections on a novel compute architecture that is designed for single-photon imaging.


SoDaCam: Software-defined Cameras via Single-Photon Imaging

Varun Sundar, Andrei Ardelean, Tristan Swedish, Claudio Bruschini, Edoardo Charbon, Mohit Gupta

Proc. ICCV 2023

oral presentation

SoDaCam teaser video


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